Drivers License


  1. You can get more than one driver's license suspension from the same DWI arrest. If you are arrested for DWI, then you face 2 separate driver's license suspensions: (1) an automatic license revocation (ALR) suspension, which occurs if it is found that there was probable cause to arrest you for DWI and you either refused to take a breath test or failed a breath test; and (2) a suspension if you are actually convicted for the offense of DWI.
  2. You should consider requesting an ALR hearing after a DWI arrest. After a DWI arrest, you have the right to request an ALR hearing, a hearing before an administrative judge to decide whether or not your license will be suspended. If you win the hearing, you get to keep your license. In addition, ALR hearings can be useful in finding out information that can later be used to defend you in your DWI case.
  3. You must act quickly to request an ALR hearing. In order to have an ALR hearing, you must request one with the Department of Public Safety within 15 days of being arrested.
  4. If a cop seized your license, he should have given you a paper temporary driving permit. If you were arrested for DWI and the cop seized your license, he should have given you a paper permit to use as a temporary driver's license. As long as you have this permit, you are legal to drive. The permit, however, expires 40 days after the day of the arrest, or until a decision has been made in an ALR hearing, whichever cames later.
  5. If you are convicted of Driving While License Invalid, your license may be resuspended. In some cases, if you are convicted of driving on a suspended or invalid license, the DPS may suspend the license again, for the same length of time for which it was originally suspended.
  6. Paying a license reinstatement fee does not immediately get you your license back. If your DL is suspended, you usually have to pay a license reinstatement fee to eventually get the suspension lifted. The suspension stays in place, however, for the full period of time. You do not get your license back before the suspension period is over, even if you paid your reinstatement fee early.
  7. You can request an occupational driver's license to use while your regular license is suspended. An occupational driver's license is a temporary driver's license granted by a judge that can allow person to drive for up to 12 hours a day for essential needs such as work, school, and medical treatment.
  8. You cannot go to your local DPS office and ask for an occupational license. Well, you can, but it won't do you any good. In order to get an occupational license, you must have an order signed by judge.
  9. You cannot get an occupational driver's license for operating commercial vehicles. You can obtain an occupational license to drive company vehicles, but not for operating vehicles that require a commercial driver's license. 10. Make sure DPS has your correct address. DPS will send all notices and orders concerning your DL to the address that is on your DL. You are responsible for making sure that DPS has your correct address on file. Simply giving a change of address form to your post office is not considered sufficient. You must contact DPS directly to change your DL address.